• Motor Vehicle Insurance

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  • Domestic & Commercial Property Insurances

    Including consequential loss Marine, Goods in transit Risks and carriers Liability insurances

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  • Medical Insurance.

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  • Professional Idemnity.

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Cash in transit and Fidelity guarantee

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Group Life, Group Personal Accident(GPA) & Pensions

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Contractors All Risk(CAR)

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The Top Tier Cover

This cover takes care of a wide range of risks that a motorist may suffer in the process of using his car.

Third Party

The Secong Tier Cover

First, it covers third parties who may suffer injuries or losses as a result of your car being involved in an accident.

Medical Insurances

Professional Indemnity

About AAIB

The AA Insurance Brokers (AAIB) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary company of AA Kenya. The primary objective of the formation of the AAIB Ltd was to provide exemplary insurance services to AA Kenya members as an added benefit. With over 1500 annual policy holders the AAIB has been handling both the motor and Non Motor brokerage services for companies, corporations and the general public since 1990.

  • Cash in transit and Fidelity guarantee

  • All Risks Insurances

  • Liability Insurance eg WIBA, Directors & Officers liability insurance (D&O).